The Nimanic platform was designed from scratch with not just the needs of today in mind, but also the needs of tomorrow. Our patented modular telecontroller does much more than just telemetry and cashless vending. It’s the only thing you’ll need to continue evolving your vending operation in an accelerating, digital world.

Power, without compromise.

With a Linux-based operating system and a powerful computer equipped with HDMI, USB and even sound inputs and outputs, your imagination will be the limit in the expansion of your vending today, tomorrow and beyond. Modernise your vending machines with touch screens or fullHD for the entire door. Add shock, open door, temperature or humidity sensors. Adding a Nimanic optical sensor allows you to measure the traffic of people in front of your machine, or can tell you the demographic profile of its users.


Connectivity without limits. And even without connectivity!

The architecture of Nimanic has no boundaries. Regardless of the geography or environment in which your machines are located, there will always be a way to connect them: from 2G, 3G, 4G or anything in the mobile industry, to Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or the new IoT platforms like Sigfox, or whatever new technology the future brings. 

But if for any reason you need a 100% offline solution, Nimanic allows you to purchase with active magnetic cards, with facial or fingerprint identification or with the mobile application (via Bluetooth) without sending one single bit to the internet.

Need to accept plastic? No problem, with the optional multi-card reader.

Although mobile payments are preferred by recurring users, are safer and more widely accepted, we understand that there are environments where it is necessary to accept magnetic plastic cards, chips or NFC. That’s why we give you the option of adding the leading multi-card reader in the market, which also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay payments as added value.


Easy to install, self-updating and guaranteed for life

Any operator can install Nimanic in 5 minutes and without technical help. It’s easier that installing a coin or bill mechanism and does not require additional configuration. Just connect the MDB cable and stick the telecontroller with magnetic reverse on any metal surface of your vending machine. In minutes your machine will be reporting sales and accepting cashless payments.

Thanks to its open and modular structure, the software, operating system and even the Nimanic telecontroller firmware can be updated and reprogrammed via the Internet without you having to intervene. But if a substitution or physical update is needed, Nimanic will do it at no extra cost.