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The whole consumer journey, now mobile.

Awareness > Engagement > Trial > Purchase > Loyalty

We know how valuable it is for your brand to know and engage your consumers more effectively.

That’s why the first vending marketing platform was designed by and for marketers and advertisers with the objective of maximizing brand promotion efforts.

Smart Sampling

Sample your products exclusively to verified target customers. Opt to ask them for a tweet or any other digital action in return. 

Mobile Marketing

Reach your consumers directly through their mobiles. Invite them to try your products at the vending machine they visit daily on their campus or workplace.

Knowledge & Big Data

Deploy surveys to obtain valuable insights about your consumers or your innovations while getting access to tons of data on their consumption habits.

Social Media

Connect vending experiences with social media and let your consumers interact with your brand on and offline.

Digital, massive and reliable.

Nimanic works with the best vending operators to distribute your products in their premium locations throughout the country. Thousands of machines can simultaneously roll out your campaigns quickly and reliably to potentially millions of consumers – and all the logistics are digitally monitored. 

Consumers download the app for free and purchase without cash or receive free promos and products on machines connected to Nimanic.

Through the app they can see product details and search for promotions or free samples aimed at them. 

Nimanic maintains contact with them by sending targeted offers or asking for feedback about products they’ve recently downloaded. 

Brands obtain statistics in real time about the performance of their sales and campaigns, as well as the habits of their consumers. 

Nimanic’s patented technology allows you to segment, monitor and optimize your sampling campaigns as if it were a digital advertising campaign. 


Nimanic was founded by a pioneering group with more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing with consumer brands.

We know how valuable it is for your brand to test its products and cultivate consumer commitment more effectively. That’s why Nimanic was designed by and for marketers and advertisers. Our group has worked with many well-known brands of companies like these:

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